The representations of the Fête des Vignerons 2019 will take place from July 18th till August 11th, 2019. Dress rehearsal will take place a few days before.

Tickets will be on sale mid-septembre 2018. Practical information will be available a few months before on the website.
Pricing will be unveiled in the spring of 2018.

Tickets can be purchased on the website and at all Starticket points of sale in Switzerland (Manor, La Poste, Coop City) and through the website of the Fête des Vignerons 2019.

The inscriptions for the extras are closed; however it is still possible to register as volunteers to organize theFête des Vignerons 2019.

The volunteers are normally recruited between Lausanne and Lavey-les-Bains. This mainly because, for certain groups or troops, the rehearsals can be numerous.

Members of the Confrérie des Vignerons have besides, in equal skills, the priority for obtaining a role.