Questions / answers about tickets

When and where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available for sale at the rate of 20 tickets per person. For groups of more than 20 people, please refer to the information that you find on the following page:

Our box office partner is Starticket. Tickets are available for purchase on their website:, by phone at 0800 925 925 (cost: 1.19 cents per minute) or in official Starticket outlets (Coop City, La Poste, Manor and Hotelplan).

See the location of the different points of sale in Switzerland at the following address:

What are the ticket prices?

There is only a single rate per seating category. Only the prices of the dress rehearsal (50% reduction) and seating with limited visibility are reduced.

 Prices are staggered in 5 categories. Premium tickets offer benefits such as easier access to the arena, a personalized welcome, the official programme, as well as a FeVi2019 gift.

CategoriesDress rehearsalCoronation & shows
Normal price(reduced visibility)Normal price(reduced visibility)
Premium180.00 CHF359.00 CHF
Categorie 1150.00 CHF125.00 CHF299.00 CHF249.00 CHF
Categorie 2125.00 CHF100.00 CHF249.00 CHF199.00 CHF
Categorie 3100.00 CHF70.00 CHF199.00 CHF139.00 CHF
Categorie 470.00 CHF40.00 CHF139.00 CHF79.00 CHF
Categorie 540.00 CHF20.00 CHF79.00 CHF39.00 CHF

The distribution of the categories is based on the distance from the main stage. The seating categories furthest from the main stage, which are less costly, offer a more global vision of the show. More expensive categories offer a closer view of the main stage and the show’s performers.

What are seats with “reduced visibility”?

Some places have reduced visibility due to the presence of 8 supporting pillars in the arena. The pillars are pictured in Starticket’s sales system (on the map available at, upon seat selection) with a black dot. The seats concerned are proposed at discounted prices due to the degree of visibility obstruction.

I would like to bring my child/children to the show. What information do I need to know?

Throughout the duration of the show (approx. 2 and a half hours without intermission) and for reasons related to safety and comfort, the show is not recommended for children under 6 years old.
Each person accessing the arena must have a valid ticket, regardless of age. In addition, there is no discount for children.

Are there places for people with reduced mobility (PRM)? How do I reserve one?

Yes, there are 90 places per presentation provided for people with reduced mobility (PRM). They will be available for booking from 17 September 2018 by sending an e-mail to Starticket via the address and mentioning:
1) The event for which you want to buy tickets at CHF 79.- /ticket
2) The number of people with reduced mobility and the number of accompanying persons (maximum 1 /PRM at CHF 79.-)
3) Desired show date
4) Your (daytime) phone number

For the hearing impaired, a mobile app will be available with reception throughout the arena.

Is there an entrance fee to attend the processions and access the Ville en Fête?

No, processions and Ville en Fête are free activities, open to all. Only access to the arena is paid.

Can we purchase tickets on site, the same day of the show?

A number of tickets will be available at the cashiers’ desks at the entrance to the market place before each performance; this is to prevent ticket scalping.

What are the terms of transfer and reimbursement?

Any ticket issued won’t be returned, refunded or exchanged. In case of cancellation of the show as a result of adverse weather conditions during the first 90 minutes of the show, a postponement date will be announced. Beyond these 90 minutes, the show is considered to be performed and will not be refunded. If the show is rescheduled, the ticket remains valid for the postponement date. A maximum of 2 postponements is possible, following these the show will be cancelled and tickets refunded by Starticket.

Is it possible to purchase group tickets?

Ticket sales are limited to 20 per person. These tickets cannot be pre-ordered before they go on sale.

If you would like to purchase more than ten tickets, please see:


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