How to get to Vevey?

Discover all the information you need for mobility; public transport, coaches, private vehicles, reception for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and two-wheeled vehicles.

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The Fête des Vignerons informs spectators and visitors.

Due to the expected traffic in Vevey, in order to avoid traffic jams and parking problems, the use of public transport is recommended for travel to the Fête des Vignerons. The rail company CFF/SBB and regional public transport companies allow you to travel to Vevey without having to worry about parking.

The schedules and the purchase of tickets are managed directly by the carriers and can be consulted via the links listed here.

The Organiser thanks the spectators and visitors for following the recommendations below and looks forward to experiencing the festival with you.



  • Public transport
    Travel by public transport is recommended. The rail company CFF/SBB and its regional transport partners allow you to travel to Vevey and back home without having to worry about parking and in complete safety.
  • Extra seating and schedules
    The CFF/SBB is increasing train capacity and the number of seats to transport visitors to the heart of the Fête des Vignerons and the Ville en Fête. The other regional transport partners are also adapting their offer.
  • Arrival time in Vevey
    Due to the high traffic and security checks, it is recommended to arrive in Vevey 2 hours before the start of the performance. For the return trip, a sufficient margin must also be provided between when you exit the arena and when you should catch your train. It is preferable to enjoy the atmosphere, entertainment and catering before and after the show to avoid the rush.
  • Instructions
    For security reasons, some items are prohibited in the arena. Instructions are set up by the organiser near the arena. Spectators are invited to drop off their belongings before going to the security checkpoint at the arena entrances.
  • Pedestrian signage
    The Fête des Vignerons arena is located about 500 metres from Vevey station. It is recommended to follow the specific signage for each entrance to the arena, according to the letter written on the entrance ticket for the Fête des Vignerons show.
  • Delay or postponement of a performance
    Spectators and visitors are requested to stay informed of any possible delay or postponement of the show via the Fête des Vignerons’ communication channels.
    In the event of show cancellation due to bad weather during the first 90 minutes of the show, a postponement date will be proposed.
    Beyond these 90 minutes, the show is considered performed and will not be refunded.
    If the first postponement is also cancelled due to bad weather, the organiser may propose a second postponement date.
    In case of further postponement after this second date, the show will be cancelled and tickets will be refunded.


Prohibited items (available soon)


Package “show & hotel stay”

Useful information

  • Accommodation
    Show & Hotel Stay packages can be booked.
  • Information stands
    Several information stands spread throughout the festival area will be available to the public.
  • Bicycle parking
    We also favour “soft mobility”. Bicycle parking spaces will be available in the immediate vicinity of the Ville en Fête. Please follow the signs and instructions of the staff on site.


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