Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden – 9 August

The half-cantons of Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Appenzell Innerrhoden are joining forces for a joint presentation aimed at depicting Appenzellan culture, customs, tourism, music and folk dances.

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Their aim is to present the culinary traditions of their region with numerous tastings of Appenzell specialities for the public.

Streichmusik Alpers © Renato Bagatti

Among the actions planned

Sennenromantik © Christophe Sonderegger

Bakery and Biberli sales, blacksmith demonstrations of nails and bells manufacture on the Quai Perdonnet, street artists on the quays, a procession of more than 200 people with all of the cantonal authorities and cultural groups including the improvisation group “Stegreif”, numerous shows on the festival stages.

The celebrations will include pyrotechnician and magician Hannes von Wald, the famous costumed and masked bell ringers Silvesterkläuse by Mulde Schuppel, and other street artists such as Föchsli Buebe-Schuppel, Alphorn-Gruppe or Mölpis Sepp. The following Appenzellese musical groups will also be performing: the Saumchörli Herisau choir, the Öhrli Chörli choir, the AR/AI folk-dance group, Appenzeller Echo, Rond om de Säntis, Enderlin Chicks Bühler, the Hierig dance company, the “Dörigehnd” youth group, Tüüfner Gruess and Elefanten Sounders.

Many culinary specialities will be offered

Appenzell cheese, Alpenbitter, Appenzell beer, flauder – the famous elderberry and lemon balm drink, Appenzeller Bärli Biber gingerbread, Mostbröckli, local variant of dried meat and Pantli garlic sausage.

Craftsmen will come to demonstrate their know-how: weaver, embroiderer, Devisli painter, these small relief decorations that are hung on the gingerbread Christmas tree called Züüg, cooper, wood carver, mountain saddler, builder of the famous string instruments the tympanums. The icing on the cake is that the three Appenzellois of the cantonal advertising campaign for Appenzeller cheese will be part of the trip to Vevey with the mythical slogan “Switzerland’s strongest secret”!

Appenzeller Brli Biber. DR