Fribourg – July 20

Under the title “Fribourg in all its forms” many performances on stage and all over the festival, there will be a fantastic presentations of Fribourg musical traditions.

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Starting at 9.30 am, musical performances will follow throughout the day on the stages at the Scène de l’Aviron, at the Jardin du Rivage, at the Village du Monde as well as on Aviron beach. Various performances and art exhibitions combining tradition and innovation will be available throughout the day all over the Ville en Fête, including a workshop for young audiences in the Jardin Doret. Two spaces highlighting Fribourg crafts will be installed along the Quai Perdonnet. Many performances on stage and all over the festival will be great presentations of Fribourg canton’s musical traditions. Choirs, bands, contemporary music and innovative groups will follow throughout the day to surprise visitors.

During the show from 9 pm, visitors in the arena will have the opportunity to move and dance to the very different melodies of a unique Silent Disco, which will take place in the Jardin Doret. From composer Joseph Bovet to DJ David Guetta, there is something for everyone! A veritable reservoir of artists, the canton of Fribourg will take festival visitors to many divergent musical worlds. Notably with a participatory work that will make its mark in the history of the festival, the Fribourg artistry will have a privileged place and will surprisingly intermingle with other areas.

La Landwehr de Fribourg © Landwehr de Fribourg

Domaine des Faverges © Etat de Fribourg

Departing from the domain of Faverges, a symbolic place for the canton of Fribourg, several hikes will be organised early in the morning to allow the people of Fribourg to make their way to the festival, quite uniquely on foot. Accompanied by mid-mountain guides, participants will remember their magical journey in the vineyards of Lavaux long thereafter.

At the heart of the festival, a market will bring together different stands of Fribourg who wish to share their passion, their profession or their craft with festival-goers. Authenticity, simplicity and experimentation will be the watchwords of this universe. Fribourg wines on the Swiss Wine Promotion terrace, as well as a few food surprises.

Poterie © Lucien Dubuis