Thurgau – August 5

Thurgau wishes to present itself as a friendly and authentic canton that has managed, among other things, to preserve its folk costumes and recreate them in their original form, in order to wear them on festive days.

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Apart from its important apple cultivation, a third of which is consumed in Switzerland, it is also a wine-growing and agricultural region with its 2,600 agricultural estates.

The goal is to offer the public a surprising event to introduce them to the gastronomic and recreational aspects of the Thurgau-Bodensee region. With the slogan “Thurgau: much more than apples”, the canton underlines its diversity. This will be expressed on islands of pleasure installed on the Confrérie’s platform, through cultural presentations on the three stages and during the parade. These various stations are a link between tourism, wine and culinary arts. They present Thurgau as a destination for gastronomic, wine and relaxation delights. Specialities will be offered for tasting. Nine winegrowers and winemakers have teamed up for the first time to vinify a white wine from the Müller-Thurgau grape variety.

On the stages of the Ville en Fête, musical and cultural performances of Thurgau will be presented between 2pm and 9pm.

One example is the Thurgau-based comic acrobats Konterschwung, which has won several awards. Dani Felber’s jazz trio, the street drum group Drums2Streets, which plays mainly on plastic drums, the reggae group Jar, the performers Lorenz Boskovic and Vincent Scarth, and finally, the great Thurgau Festival Choir with its 95 singers. The musical association of Kradolf-Schönenberg, composed of more than 30 musicians, will accompany the procession musically. A Thurgau graffiti artist will take to the street for a demonstration of street art.

Dani Felber. DR

Drums2streeet. DR

Jar. DR

Thurgauer Musikgesellschaft Kradolf. DR