Vevey–Riviera–Pays-d’Enhaut – August 8

August 8th celebrates the district of Riviera and of the Pays-d’Enhaut, cradle of the Fête des Vignerons.

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This region has always attracted travellers from all over the world, notably thanks to its exceptional location between the lake and the mountains.

The goal of this day is to invite visitors to (re)discover this region, rich due to its geographical, touristic and cultural diversity, through a playful journey through the town of Vevey and proposed cultural programming by the artists and associations of the region.

Désalpe au Pays-d’Enhaut. DR

Cultural programming

municipalities of the district, are provided on various stages as well as on foot throughout the Ville en Fête. The first part of the day is programmed with folkloric entertainment – bell ringers of the Pays-d’Enhaut, alphornists, bands, choirs –, then in second part of the day, a more contemporary proposal – rock, blues, DJ, Sonalp, Fanny Loeb, Mark Kelly, Les Fils du Facteur – will allow visitors to discover the cultural wealth of the district of Riviera – Pays-d’Enhaut. Not to mention storybook readings, a comedy film and improvisation for children.

Tasting course

The tasting course is fun and will transform the city of Vevey into a playground of adventure and discovery. While strolling through 8 stations scattered throughout the town, festival-goers will have the opportunity to taste wines from the region, selected by a professional sommelier for their terroir and specificity. At each station, travellers will discover an iconic tourist attraction of the region. The course will start behind the train station with the purchase of a glass at CHF 10 – which can be booked in advance online. The course is suitable for families with activities for children.

Treasure hunt – “Balade au Paradis”

have the opportunity to participate in the “Balade au Paradis”, a treasure hunt featured in the town of Vevey from July 1 to August 31, which offers playful discovery and pictures of the district. A smartphone application will be dedicated to this game, to allow young ones to discover the thirteen municipalities through original and entertaining anecdotes, translated into three languages (FR-GER-EN). A competition with a prize draw to win prizes offered by Veveysan merchants to discover the region and its specialities.

Finally, on square housing town hall, you will find the bar of the Veveysan cultural associations, which will propose readings and events related to literature throughout the day on August 8, with a canapé forestier. A fire will give a cosy atmosphere to this space while kids can roast marshmallows.