Persons with disabilities

The Fête des Vignerons aims to make its site and activities accessible to as many people as possible. Below you will find practical information for our visitors with disabilities.

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Persons with disabilities

The Fête des Vignerons aims to make its site and activities accessible to as many people as possible. Below you will find practical information for our visitors with disabilities.


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Tickets for people with reduced mobility

There are 90 places planned per performance for people with reduced mobility (PRM). These will be available for booking by sending an e-mail to Starticket via, mentioning:

  1. The event for which you would like tickets, at the price of CHF 79.00/ticket
  2. The number of people with reduced mobility and the number of accompanying persons (1 maximum /PRM at a price of CHF 79.-)
  3. The desired show date
  4. Your telephone number (available during the day)

For the hearing impaired, a mobile app will be available with wifi reception throughout the arena.

Hearing impairment

In order to offer excellent sound also to our hearing impaired spectators, the arena will be equipped with the Listen Everywhere system. This app can be downloaded for iPhone and Android. It allows spectators listen to the show directly through personal headphones, via connection to a dedicated wifi network.

In addition, “La Fête des Vignerons 2019: Les poèmes” (ed. Zoé / Campiche), a collection of the show’s song lyrics, will be on sale in the official Fête des Vignerons boutique from mid-May. A few copies will also be available on loan through an organisation supporting the hearing impaired: the Fédération Suisse des Sourds (FSS).

Sight impairment

The Livre du Spectacle tells the story imagined by Daniele Finzi Pasca and provides the main information about the show and the artistic team. It will be available prior to the festival as an audio book thanks to the support of the Bibliothèque Sonore Romande (BSR). Those interested in this service can contact BSR directly to borrow the audio book before entering the arena with a ticket for any category they choose. Our ushers and reception staff will be available to provide appropriate access to the purchased seating.

Respiratory insufficiency

In order to facilitate the Fête des Vignerons 2019 experience for visitors undergoing oxygen therapy, the Ligue pulmonaire vaudoise is partnering with Carbagas to provide liquid oxygen tanks at the Fête emergency station. In case of need, please contact the arena rescue station, a Samaritan patrol, or a Securitas agent. If necessary, portable oxygen concentrators can also be borrowed.

Safety & sanitary facilities

In the event of a problem, a first aid room will be available in the arena and ushers will be trained to assist in the evacuation of people with disabilities from the arena. In addition, six adapted toilets will be installed in the arena and accessible to all ticket holders with a eurokey.

Transport and mobility

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Car parks, shuttles and drop-off area

A special car park is provided for people with reduced mobility on the outskirts of the city, close to the Vevey motorway exit. People with reduced mobility will also be able to benefit from an adapted shuttle service. In addition, a drop-off area for transporters is provided near the arena.

For vehicles wishing to drop-off one or more persons with reduced mobility, a procedure will soon be available here for access authorisation requests.

Terraces and sanitary facilities

All the ground floor levels of the terraces built in the Ville en Fête will be accessible via ramps to people in wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility. In addition, twelve adapted sanitary containers will be installed in various key locations throughout the Ville en Fête. These toilets will be accessible with the Eurokey system.

Our teammates

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In order to allow visitors with disabilities to enjoy the event in the best possible conditions, the Fête des Vignerons organisers have surrounded themselves with experts in the fields of disability. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them warmly for their kindness and expertise.

Haute Ecole de Santé Vaud
Centre Pédagogique pour le Handicap de la Vue (CPHV)
Fédération Suisse des Sourds (FSS)
Bibliothèque Sonore Romande (BSR)