Cantonal Days

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First time in the history of the Fête des Vignerons, the Cantonal Days have been proposed to the cantons of the Swiss Confederation. All responded positively, making Vevey the capital of Switzerland for a summer! The Swiss from abroad and the Vevey-Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut region will also be honoured for one day, as will the Confederation. Since the 1865 Fête, the cantons have always been represented in the show, often in the Noces scene. Since 1819, the Fête incorporates the Cent Suisses to show its attachment to the homeland. In the context of the major national exhibitions of the 19th century, this aspect was very important to international visitors who arrived in Vevey by boat or rail. But the 2019 edition will be the first to organise Cantonal Days and to bring delegations of this importance to Vevey. Each canton will send ambassadors to represent their popular, festive, cultural and viticultural terroir and traditions. It will be hosted in Vevey by the Confrérie des Vignerons and will present cultural traditions, gastronomic specialities, music groups, theatre groups or youth events, not to mention the representatives of its wine activities.

The Cantonal Days are complemented by a Confederation Day on 1st August, Swiss National Day, a Day of the Swiss from Abroad and a Vevey-Riviera-Pays d’Enhaut Day.

The programme of each Cantonal Day includes

  • An early morning parade of cantonal authorities from the Vevey station to the Terrasses de la Confrérie.
  • A procession at 3pm or 5pm, depending on the time of the day’s performance, from Entre-deux-Villes to the Jardin du Rivage.
  • A cultural programme on the artistic spaces of the Ville en Fête.
  • A presentation of the wines of the invited canton(s).
  • A flag of the city of Vevey in their honour.

The content of the show of the Fête des Vignerons does not change.

Les bannerets des cantons lors de la Fête des Vignerons de 1955. Henri Kramer © Confrérie des Vignerons.

Calendar of the Cantonal Days

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