Ticino and Central Switzerland – July 27

Ticino is honoured by the attention paid to our canton by the Fête des Vignerons, who will welcome Ticino this year as a host of honour for the first time.

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But the Confrérie is not simply paying tribute. It also entrusted the leading role to one of the Ticinese cultural ambassadors par excellence: Daniele Finzi Pasca. On July 27, an official delegation from the Ticino Turismo will visit the event. TicinoWine, an agency for wine sector promotion, will be presenting wine from Ticino, which this year has excelled in many competitions at the national and international levels. The canton of Ticino will be present with one of its “Maisons Ticino” and is primed to offer visitors a range of artistic, vinicultural, touristic and cultural specialities.

© Ticino Turismo – Photo Nicola Demaldi

By institutional friendship and federalist spirit, Ticino has also decided to share its day with the cantons of Central Switzerland, the canton is an associate member of the Conference founded in 1966 by Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Obwalden, Nidwalden and Zug.

Schwyzer Nüssler. DR

Tellspiele. DR

Groupe des guerriers de la corporation de Safran. DR

The procession will be the main public performance of the cantons of Central Switzerland, with the slogan “Central Switzerland – Viticulture at the heart of the heart of the Switzerland”.

Each canton will highlight a parade musical or theatrical troupe:

  • Lucerne with the “Warriors of the Safran guild”;
  • Uri with Tellspiele, a theatre show about the legend of William Tell;
  • Schwyz with the troupe of masked carnival “Schwyzer Nüssler”;
  • Obwald with the choir of thirty yodellers, the Projektchor Obwaldner Naturjuiz;
  • Nidwald with its troupe of historical warriors;
  • Harst and Zug with the costumed groups “Trachten” and “Schwinger”.