Schaffhausen – August 2

The wine-growing canton of Schaffhausen is proudly called “The Country of Pinot Noir”.

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In fact, this appellation plays an essential role, since three out of four vines are of this varietal. For years, the wines of Schaffhausen have obtained superb results at national and international tastings. The cantonal day of August 2, 2019, under the slogan “Schaffhausen. Le pays du Pinot Noir”, will be the opportunity to pay tribute to Pinot Noir. Wines and specialities from Schaffhausen can be tasted in several places. Schaffhausen musicians will make the atmosphere even more pleasant.
We can mention colourful personalities such as Lisa Stoll with Klaus Lang, alphorn and keyboard, singer and songwriter Tom Krailing, folk/rock singer and his group, as well as the Bernie Ruch jazz trio. On the folklore side, the Hallau Music Society in traditional Hallau dress. These artists will perform on the stages of the Jardin du Rivage and the Village du Monde. Schaffhausen women farmers will also present local products on the Quai Perdonnet.

La joueuse de corps des Alpes Lisa Stoll. DR

Musikgesellschaft Hallau. DR